Wednesday, May 18, 2005

An Open Letter to the Busybody from Binghampton Who Is Trying To Ruin My Life

Get your own life!!!!!!!! Seriously, is it really that big of a deal to date more than one person at the same time? Apparently, somebody out there that I don't even know seems to think so. So I'll give all of the 1 person who actually reads my blog the rundown. I get out of a stupid relationship, I start dating one guy that I really like (we'll call him Guy A), and within a few weeks am set up on a pretty much blind date with another guy (we'll call him Guy B). I figure--big deal! It's not like I have a ring on my finger, or am even in a bonafide, "had the talk" relationship. So now I'm hanging out with Guy A once or twice a week, and Guy B once a week. Guy A I'm completely into, but Guy B is nice and it feels like more of a friendly thing anyway so I figure, what the heck. Well in walks BUSYBODY FROM BINGHAMTON into the equation. We'll call her Girl FBBFB (Fucking Busybody Bitch From Binghamton). She happens to know both Guy A and Guy B. When she makes the amazing discovery that--aha--I happen to be dating both of her friends, she decides to ride in on her white horse and save the both of them from Evil, Evil Casey. That really pisses me off. I had no ill intentions toward either one of these guys. She made a big deal out of something that wasn't and as far as I'm concerned did more harm than good for everyone involved, excepting herself.


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